Acupuncture 针灸

Acupuncture is very fine, filiform needles are inserted into acupuncture points on the body to guide the Qi flow (energy flow) through the body.

Qi flows through the body along the meridians and channels which are distributed whole body including internal organs. Stimulating the acupuncture points can guide the Qi flow into the different parts of the body to restore the balance, thus to treat disease.

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years. It can be used to treat many diseases, disorders and pain conditions. The following diseases are proved to respond well to acupuncture: muscle strain, tendinitis, arthritis, headaches, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, insomnia, respiratory disorders, skin problems, dysmenorrhea, infertility and digestive disorders, etc.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner will choose 10-30 acupuncture points from hundreds of function points according to your conditions and insert the single-use needles. The practitioner may manipulate the needles to activate the energy flow to heal the disease and restore the balance.  Patient will feel nothing or feel a mosquito bite when the needle is put in because the needles pass the skin too quick to be felt.  Patients often experience multidimensional and intense needling sensations such as numbness, soreness, distention, heaviness, dull pain during acupuncture stimulation. This means “Get Qi” (Deqi 得气).  Deqi is considered as an important parameter in the process of achieving therapeutic effectiveness in acupuncture treatment.

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For example: Acupuncture for weight lose

Here are some of the ways in which acupuncture may help you lose weight:

  • Acupuncture may affect your hormones.
  • Acupuncture promotes healthy digestion.
  • Acupuncture can relieve stress.
  • Acupuncture may reduce cravings.
  • Acupuncture can lead to better sleep.
  • Acupuncture can boost your energy.

Acupuncture may affect your hormones.

In one 2018 study published in a Chinese medical journal, researchers randomly assigned 100 patients with prediabetes to one of three groups: lifestyle intervention (reasonable diet and moderate exercise), lifestyle intervention plus the diabetes drug metformin or lifestyle intervention plus acupuncture. After 12 weeks, participants in the acupuncture and the metformin groups had significantly reduced their body mass indexes, and saw improvement in other health markers like fasting blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C and total cholesterol, while those who made lifestyle changes alone only saw significant positive changes in their fasting blood glucose levels. The researchers concluded that acupuncture may help people with prediabetes lose weight by reducing their insulin and leptin resistance; both insulin and leptin are appetite-regulating hormones that can play a role in long-term weight-loss.

Acupuncture promotes healthy digestion.

One of the ways acupuncture seems to ease a variety of health complaints is by quieting the sympathetic nervous system – or the fight-or-flight stress response – and activating the parasympathetic system, or your body’s “rest and digest” state, says Shari Auth, a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine who co-founded WTHN, an acupuncture studio in New York City. Through that mechanism, it can improve blood flow to your stomach, which aids digestion. “Whether that’s reducing bloating or gas or irritable bowel syndrome or constipation, acupuncture is good for all kinds of digestive complaints,” and it can boost metabolism, she says.

Acupuncture can relieve stress.

Similarly, acupuncture can be an effective stress-reliever. A series of animal studies suggests that may be the case because it seems to block stress-induced spikes in stress hormones like cortisol, as well as the action of the sympathetic nervous system. (Rodents who didn’t receive their version of acupuncture or received “sham” treatments – essentially receiving it in a random place on their bodies – didn’t experience the same blocks to their stress responses.)

“Acupuncture … is supposed to release endorphins, or the happy hormones, and when you release endorphins it has a calming effect,” Lowe-Payne adds. That’s also why acupuncture may be effective at helping people manage depression and anxiety. No matter how you choose to manage stress, though, doing so effectively is critical for weight loss and maintenance. “If you have lower stress by natural means, then the thought is it will help with stress eating and trying to self-medicate with foods,” Lowe-Payne says.

Acupuncture may reduce cravings.

Some research has suggested that acupuncture can help people curb or kick additions. One study out of Yale University, for instance, found that people who were addicted to cocaine were less likely to use the drug over the eight-week study period if they received acupuncture in specific points of their ears. Study participants who received “sham” acupuncture, or had needles placed in parts of their ears that Chinese medicine doesn’t map to any benefits, as well as those who only underwent relaxation exercises, continued to use cocaine more regularly.

Other research has shown support for similar ear-based acupuncture as a weight-loss aid, perhaps because it helps some people manage what some consider an addiction to food. “We know that food addictions can lead to weight gain,” Jonas says. “Acupuncture might alter brain chemicals associated with these addictions and, in this way, help with weight loss.”

Acupuncture can lead to better sleep.

In the same way acupuncture seems to provide stress relief and help with digestion – by turning off the body’s fight-or-flight response – it can also improve sleep. And sufficient high-quality sleep is a well-known player in weight loss and maintenance. “When we are sleep deprived … it can affect your brain function and your ability to make really good decisions,” Lowe-Payne says. “People who are sleep deprived are more likely to be snackers, are less focused and will to go for (foods) that are more comforting.”

Acupuncture can boost your energy.

In addition to supporting good sleep, which should improve your daytime energy, acupuncture can provide an energy boost on its own. Some research has shown that the therapy can help cancer patients battle treatment-related fatigue significantly more than a sham treatment. For relatively healthy folks just trying to drop a few pounds, though, an acupuncture-related energy boost can support diet and exercise behaviors that may lead to weight loss. “Sometimes we’re going to sugar to get quick energy,” but acupuncture is a calorie-free boost, Auth says. What’s more, she adds, the therapy “can help you with your energy levels so you have enough energy to get to the gym.”

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) 


When you scare the needle, it is alternative treatment for you to relieve the pain, treat the disease, resolve the imbalance of your body without needling.  By using TENS on the relevant points to active the muscles and tendons to achieve the therapeutic effect, on the relevant acupuncture points to guide the Qi and blood flow along the meridians and collaterals to treat disease.

Suction TENS  – More Effect


Highly effective therapy of people with chronic muscle fatigue, lumbago, arthralgia, myalgia, frozen shoulder and polymyalgia

Ear Acupuncture or Pellet 


Ear acupuncture also called Auriculoacupuncture is based on the theory that the ear is a micro system which reflects the entire body. Conditions affecting the physical, mental or emotional health of the patient are assumed to be treatable by stimulation of the surface of the ear exclusively.

has proven to be an efficient method of treating a wide variety of conditions, including body pain, headache, stress, insomnia, allergic,  addiction, weight gain.

Auricular acupuncture can be used for a wide range of indications, and it is especially useful to relieve pain, calm the mind, treat allergies and infectious diseases, regulate endocrine system disorders, and treat chronic disease and functional disorders. It is also used for withdrawal syndrome.

Ear Pellet Application is to use Chinese herb seeds stick on the ear point to stimulate the points. They are usually kept on the skin for 3-4 days and the patient is advised to press the pellets twice  a day to keep stimulation.



Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture 


Facial cosmetic acupuncture can promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation to improve the nutrients to the cells and increase the elimination of toxins, thus can stimulate rejuvenation and maintain a fresh, youthful appearance. It can tone and help to tighten the skin and underlying muscles, So it  can reduce expression lines and wrinkles.  It also can tighten a certain muscle to restore the symmetry of the face. It can give you a holistic treatment to relieve stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain, enhance mental and physical relaxation.



Moxibustion 艾灸

Moxibustion is effective treatment which the moxa (containing herbs) is used to warm the acupuncture points on the body to active the energy and blood circulation, warm meridians. It can treat wide range of diseases and keep the body in the healthy balance condition. It also can be used on the acupuncture needles called Warm Needles.