Robin is a super qualified and enthusiastic practitioner. He has a double degree in Health Science and Chinese Medicine. Robin completed further study in Nanjing University hospital internships in Nanjing, China and Kyung Hee University hospital, Woori Saam Oriental Medicine, and Kyunghee Shintong Oriental Medicine in Seoul, Korea.

He speaks English, Korean & Japanese.

Robin  has also studied Remedial massage including Acupressure, remedial techniques and Trigger Point Therapy. He has incorporated these massage techniques into his clinical practice of Acupuncture to achieve maximum benefit for his patients.

Robin has been passed down Saam Acupuncture techniques from his teacher WOLOH, and provides treatments through incorporation of WOLOH Saam Acupuncture techniques and Chinese Medicine acupuncture methods. Additionally, he follows the diagnosis and treatment methods of Hyungsang medicine, which is among one of the diagnosis methods listed in Donguibogam (Donguibogam was inscribed on the Memory of the Word Register by UNESCO in 2009, and is still the only medical book on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register. Donguibogam will turn 400 years old in 2013 CHANGE to 2019 OR turned 400 years old in 2013). Hyungsan medicine is an inspection which place emphasis on the relationships between pathological patterns and one’s facial or body shape, colour and movement.

He believes that ‘even with the same symptoms, as everyone is unique, treatments should be individualised”.

– AHPRA registered Acupiuncturist & Chinese herbal medicine practitioner
– World Stroke Organization member
– WOLOH Saam  clinical study  member
– Hyungsang Medicine clinical study  member
– Nanjing University Hospital internships in Nanjing,China
– Kyung Hee University hospital internships in Seoul, Korea
– Woori Saam Oriental Medicine clinical study in Seoul, Korea
– Kyung Hee Shintong Oriental Medicine clinical study  in Seoul, Korea

Dr. Robin: TUE, THU. By Appointment

Meng Hong Lai graduated in applied physics from Beijing Agriculture University in 1991, and then worked as a biological research assistant in Fujian and had intensive training in Institute of Materia Medica Chinese Academy of Medical Science in Beijing. The academic experience in China equipped Meng with solid foundation in Biology, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Physics and Herbal Science.

Meng moved to Australia in 1998 and worked as a production technician in health care product factories. Meng decided to become a TCM practitioner aiming to improve personal health after redundancy from the factory 12 years later. He successfully completed the study in 2016 at Western Sydney University with graduation prize award with Bachelor Degree of Health Science and Master Degree of TCM.

Meng is dedicated to provide best safety, quality and service to his clients. Meng has been developing insightful knowledge in TCM from not only self-medication but also assisting other clients fulfilling their health goals as well as never-ending study.  He treasures every trust when the clients approach to him.

His personal goal is to live beyond 100 years old with good memory and physical health. And so is the wishes to his readers and clients.

Dr. Lai: MON, WED, FRI, SAT. By appointment

Diana: WED, FRI, SAT. by appointment