Chinese Herbal Treatment

Traditional Chinese Herbal Treatment  传统中草药治疗

What is Chinese Herbal Treatment?

Chinese Herbal Treatment is using Chinese Medicine Theory to prescribe Chinese Herbal Formula which focus on the individual body condition. For example, if the cholesterol level is higher than normal, the dietician will advise to drink green tea, eating more beans, fruits, nuts, etc. Chinese Herbs are similar as these food. They all come from natural. Chinese have researched and used them for thousands of years. Chinese Medicine Doctors can choose some of them to lower your cholesterol and to balance your body in natural way.

How many herbs can be used for treatment?

“Compendium of Materia Medica 本草纲目” described 1,892 medicinal substances, 11,096 formulas. They were from plants (different parts of plants such as leaves, roots, stems, flowers, seeds had different functions), minerals, animal products.
In traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are often combined in formulas and given as teas, capsules, liquid extracts, granules, or powders.
Chinese Herbs are recognized by the people from wide range of cultural and social backgrounds due to it’s natural and holistic treatment.

For example: 当归 Dang Gui, is the one of the Chinese herbs.

How does a prescription come out?

Chinese Medicine practitioner prescribes the formula according the patient’s condition. Diagnosis is made by the unique techniques combining with inspection, listening, smelling, inquiring, palpation (including pulse taking).
A qualified Chinese Herbal Practitioner will take the detail consultation, including past and current history, habit, lifestyle, face, tongue, skin, nail observation, pulse taking, examination, etc to identify what condition you are in. 

What is your pulse telling you?
What is your tongue telling you?

What questions will a Chinese Medicine Practitioner ask you?

What is the Chinese Medicine Diagnosis?

The body condition is usually including imbalance of body Yin and Yang, Deficiency and Excess, Heat and Cold, Internal and External, Qi, Blood, Body Fluid, Organs, and also including disharmony of the relationship between/among the  Qi, Blood, Body Fluid, Organs. 

For example: Chinese Medicine practitioner may give you a diagnosis like: Spleen deficiency with Dampness retention. This means the function of body transportation and transformation system (or called T/T system. digestive system is a part of this system) is deficiency and one of the consequence is body fluid can not be distributed properly in the body and accumulated in some parts of the body. This diagnosis can be found in the person who is overweight, edema, heavy body sensation, joint pain, etc.

How is the Chinese Herbal Formula coming out?

A specific Chinese Herbal Formula will be prescribed to resolve the condition after diagnosis, to balance the body, harmonize the body, thus to treat the disease and prevent the disease. The formula usually contains around 10-20 herbs which choosing from more than 600 herbs which are available from Australia.

How to take the herbs?

The most common and effective way to take the herbal decoction. You can cook or we can cook for you.

Chinese Herbs Cooking & Taking Instructions
  • Each bag usually will be cooked Twice
  • Take twice a day: about 30 minutes after breakfast and 30 minutes after meal (late lunch or dinner).
  • or follow the practitioner’s instruction.

The First Cooking

  • 1. Put the herbs in the pot which can be stainless steel, glass, clay, etc. (Avoid aluminum or iron pot).
  • 2. Put water to cover the herbs
  • 3. Press the herbs to the bottom and the water level will be 2-3 cm higher than the herbs
  • 4. Soak for 15 minutes (don’t need wash).
  • 5. Cook to boiling then turn to slow fire. (If there is any herbs marked ” Add First”, use a small pot to cook 20 minutes then add into the soaked herbs)
  • 6. Simmering for another 30 minutes (or follow the practitioner’s advice). (If there is any herbs marked “Add Later”, add it at the last 5 minutes).
  • 7. About 150 – 250ml fluid is left.
  • 8. Drink the fluid.

The Second Cooking

  • 9. Put about 400-500ml water to cover the herbs.
  • 10. Cook to boiling then turn to simmer.
  • 11. Simmer for 20 minutes
  • 12. About 150 – 250ml fluid is left.
  • 13. Drink the fluid

You also can make Twice Cooking at same time

  1. Drain the fluid into the big Container after the First cooking.
  2. Drain the fluid into the same Container after the Second cooking.
  3. Divide the mixed fluid into Two Parts.
  4. One part for morning and another for afternoon.

Discard the Herb Dreg

The herb dredges can be discarded (they are good compost).  or use for foot bath or wash body if the practitioner gives you instruction.