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Information of Location and Parking

HealthOK Chinese Medicine Clinic:  Shop 3, 29-33 Joyce St, Pendle Hill NSW 2179

Booking Number:  0468 448 088,    0468 448 068



Parking at the roadside in front of our building which is 1 hour Carpark or Parking at the opposite side which is Commuter Carpark. Please note the our treatment usually take more than 1 hour. Please arrange your car before you start treatment.

You also can park in the Basement Carpark which is accessible from the corner of “Goodall St and Joyce St”.

Please call us before you come if you need access to the basement car park. You can park at “Health OK Clinic Parking Only” or “Visitor Parking”.

Open Hours

Open Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm

( We may arrange the time for you if you can not visit during the opening time)

Due to the covid, the hours may change. Better call 0468448088 or 0468448068 before visit